About the trainings

At FSFC our method is to developing the kids begins at the grass roots level and continues through the highest levels to become professional footballers. We develop each player potential at the pace of the player. It is our dream, challenge and responsibility to create an environment in which the kids can get their full football experience that is necessary to be successful both on and off the field.

Main goals of child development:

  • Create a good atmosphere for the child to enjoy.
  • Develop individual players
  • Receiving and passes the ball
  • Attacking and defending in 1v1 situations
  • Making creative decisions
  • Improve the fitness level and the desire to compete.
  • Provide an environment where learning is fun.
  • Build team players who collectively can understand the basic tactics and their relationship with their team mates from 3v3 to 11v11 game.

By doing so, we accomplish several goals. We help the kids gain tools that they can use to further unlock the game. The more tools and the more of the game they can unlock, the more enjoyable the game becomes.The more enjoyable the game becomes the more they engage in the learning process and the more competent they become.

Outdoor trainings are held in Derkovits Primary Scool or Városliget.